some reviews

The credits list more esoteric instruments than a Gypsy pawn shop, but the nicely understated production lets them all bleed together into a hazy shimmer that gives ‘The Hours’ and ‘The Cass Song’ a palpable sense of ennui.Chicago Reader by J. Niimi

The Notes and Scratches’ raspy, writerly country pop sounds like early Tom Waits channelling Ben Gibbard.3 Hive by Sam Cannon

Raucous, glorious stuff. The melodies are sterling, and the arrangements about as messy as can be. Kinda like Nick Lowe producing a later OMD album…though probably a bit busier than even that. This album sounds completely alive.Aiding & Abetting by Jon Worley

The album overall is warm and friendly and it gives the distinct impression of having been recorded with one mic in a big empty room…. just the thing for playing in the car on those winter nights riding home from the bar.Pulse of the Twin Cities by Steve McPherson

notes & scratches

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