Grace Notes

Originally released on August 25th, 2009; it available below for free download.

Grace Notes is a little collection of leftover songs, mostly about departures. It was recorded and mixed by Matt DeWine at Pieholden Suite Sounds. Album art by Anika Balaconis.

Anika Balaconis played trumpet, percussion, and sang. Joshua Dumas sang, wrote the words, played the guitars. Jason Eckerson played the bass. Robbie Hamilton played the drums, keys and sang. Whitney Johnson played the viola and sang.

Grace Notes (right-click to download):
1) the Train Whistle (7.6MB MP3)
2) to Milwaukee (6.4MB MP3)
3) the Drought (6.7MB MP3)
4) the Birdsong (11.2MB MP3)

Creative Commons License

Or download the whole shebang as a zip file (33.3mb zip).

To the Other Side

Originally released on March 30th, 2009.

To the Other Side, an EP about memory and the simple passage of one day to the next, is available for free download at Rock Proper.

Two songs from this release are available on seven inch vinyl, released by Whistler Records

Preview a tune:
02 the finest words
the Finest Words (7.1MB MP3)


Originally released in 2005.

This full length album is available for free legal download at the netlabel Rock Proper. Grab it here!

Have a listen:
01 the hours
the Hours (3.3MB MP3)

03 seriously
Seriously (4.8MB MP3)

notes & scratches

photograph courtesy of carlsweets, site by Joshua Dumas, powered by Mike Piontek's Junecode.