Well, we’ve been a band since early 2005. We play pop music with a celebratory feel, except sometimes we write sad songs. We practice in a small very cold or very hot garage behind Robbie’s apartment in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. We have one release, Uh-Oh (Tense Forms/Rock Proper) that we recorded with Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sounds.

Anika Balaconis — trumpet, organ, vocals. She also plays in Brother Truck.

Jason Eckerson — bass, vocals. He also performs with Brother Truck, Mar Caribe and the Prospects.

Joshua Dumas — guitar, vocals, words. His various projects live at Quiet Errors.

Robbie Hamilton — drums, vocals. He also plays with Where the Moon Came From.

Whitney Johnson — viola, vocals. She also plays with A Company.

This band began as a 48 hour recording project. Our past members include VJ Hyde and Steve Quantock.

You can contact us here. We have a myspace page. We have a Facebook page. We have an old website.

notes & scratches

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